Pretending this isn’t the awkward First Post…

OK, so the worst thing about blogs is that very first one.  You know what I mean.  That awkward, self-conscious, uncertain first post.  And this is the case for both the author and the reader.  The author is wondering whether or not they will truly have anything smart, entertaining, or worthwhile to say, while hoping that people will start reading their blog, once they get through those first few posts about nothing in particular and the audience gets to know them a bit.  The readers, on the other hand, have to experience that strange blend of awkwardness, excitement, and potential, while they decided that, Yes, this person does have something to say that I want to hear, or No, why the hell is this person writing about their dead dog that they had taxidermied, and why would they think I would want to read about that?

And I must say that while I’ve been considering starting a blog for quite sometime, the looming menace of what to write in that first, most excruciating post, was a bit too much for me.  In fact, me being me, I am having a mild anxiety attack about the whole thing as I sit here and type.

So then, you ask, why are you even doing this?  Excellent question my astute assumed reader!  Because I am absolutely insane.  I routinely put myself in positions where I luxuriate in the joys of anxiety.  I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t.  But, seriously, starting a blog is something that I’ve been mulling over for a while now to use as a sort of documentation of my life and art.  A place to dump this anxiety that seems to have become this dominating entity in my life, and an outlet for the insanity that it seems to birth.

So, as it is stated in my header, this lovely blog will document the collision of art, anxiety, and all the things I want it to….So welcome to my insanity.  I do hope you stay.