Hi.  If you haven’t met me, I have a little bit of anxiety…I also have a little bit of a problem with sarcasm.  I like to cook, read, and sometimes I pretend I am an artist.

This  blog is the intersection of all the things in my life.  Some art, some cooking, some anxiety (although not as much as it used to be!).  Come along for the ride, because you’ll probably get something out of it, be it a few laughs, a recipe, or just learning something that you should NEVER do… And I promise ridiculous things to read, look at, or watch.  And we all know that’s what everyone wants.

All images, video, and writing posted on this blog belong to me unless otherwise noted.  And believe me I will give credit where credit is due…and if you steal my stuff, I’ll come through your computer screen and steal your soul.  Or maybe I won’t… You’ll never know for sure!

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